01. Lost 惘然
02. Broken Shards
03. A Journey



"let her go!"

[[To people I owed starters: Hey, sorry I just disappeared without a word.

Work and real life kicked my ass and I’ve been struggling with some pretty intense depression after I quit my job, so I just haven’t been able to log in as of late. I’ve been steadily working through the mire and hope to get back into the swing of things soon, once I catch up with the finale of Book 3.

Hope everybody’s been doing well, I’m looking forward to seeing you guys again~]]

♡ ♥ ❦ ❧:Y✽✿

I love your everything too, Lex ♥ ❤ ♥ ❤

Tell me what you like BEST about my writing!

♡: Your narration
♥: Your dialogue
❥: Your internal monologues (thoughts)
❣: Your descriptions
❦: Your details
❧: Your plots
✽: Your ideas
✿: Your characterization
❁: There's good sentence variation!
✤: Your figurative language
❋: Your use of side characters
☆: Your understandably
☄: WILDCARD! Other: ______

No idea what I wanted to draw…. cute bros? something bright smile?


No idea what I wanted to draw…. cute bros? something bright smile?

[[Man, I am super sick of people acting like Korra was so poorly socialized due to her upbringing, she apparently didn’t realize going after/kissing a guy who is ALREADY IN A RELATIONSHIP was a bad thing.

Her parents were a model of a healthy and loving couple, do not make excuses for bad writing by making Korra out to be that socially inept. Unless the Southern Water Tribes were into widespread polygamy, then I cannot see that as a valid excuse for something she has every right to be called out on and, in character, eventually apologized for in Book 3 (far too late in coming, imho).

Yes, she’s short-tempered and is used to having things handed to her on a silver platter- that’s something that leaves room for growth and improves her character arc as she learns from situations she actually has to use diplomacy and her brain for, but come the fuck on.]]

[[Hey guys, I just got hired on for a new job on Thursday! My hours will be pretty nasty (like, 3AM to 10AM or possibly noon the next day), but hopefully I’ll still have time to reply AND sleep. I’ll try to get some starters and replies I owe people up over the next two days before my 7-hour job orientation on Tuesday.

Sorry I haven’t been online much or on Skype to chat, but I was busy with interviews and drug tests for this position- but anyway, hope to see you guys online over the next 2 days and get some RPing done!]]

[[The Adventures of Pabu and the boyfriend (plus fellow X-men fanatic who stalked Kevin Wada with us at Heroes Con).]]

❁ meet the blogger ❁

name: Jun-Chul
nickname: Jay
favorite flower: Peony, Wisteria, Columbine
favorite fruit: Lychee and Kiwi
favorite ice-cream flavor: Ben and Jerry’s Cotton Candy WHICH JUST WENT OUT OF SEASON RRRGH
favorite pastime: Crying, Cuddling with Alex
chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
how do you take your coffee/tea: Hot, because fire cannot kill a dragon
zodiac sign: Taurus
your catchphrase: Ugh, *insert thing I hate here*

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