01. Lost 惘然
02. Broken Shards
03. A Journey
Masafumi Takada | "議論 -HEAT UP- 【2nd mix】"




His left eyebrow twitched irritably, and he couldn’t help it as his shoulders tightened, and he rolled them to keep the irritation from turning quickly into boiling anger- the captain was under investigation due to his temper, and he couldn’t afford to lose it again, on a rookie nonetheless.

Usually he could cut Mako some slack- he’d done his best to look after the boy and his brother when they’d been children, and now that they were finally doing somewhat well for themselves… Hell, he’d been one of the few to vouch for Mako when he’d joined the force, so he knew he was a good kid, and a good cop. He didn’t deserve to be snapped at like this.


His gaze hardened to steel, not liking the boy’s tone or the fact that he sounded kind of like Toph when she felt like she’d been disrespected, and he whirled on the firebender reflexively.

" Watch your tongue, Lau. I might not be your Captain right now, but I’m still your elder.” 

Mako scoffed loudly, unable to from responding with anything short of words dripping with mockery and a foolhardy sense of satisfaction.

"If you’re going to act like a five year old with a temper tantrum, then I have no problem whatsoever treating you like one," he quipped back, shrugging his shoulders before placing both hands upon his hips- as though challenging the elder man to say otherwise.

"Keep this up and you’ll be on the fast track to a sore bottom and a time out, sir,” the firebender continued to snipe, like an agitated banty hen pecking singlemindedly at a perceived threat to her brood.

"Get offa me. Your big butt is SQUASHING me."


Mako wriggles around more, making sure to get nice and comfortable while keeping Nyla immobile thanks to his weight and larger frame.

"Man, this sure is a comfy mattress I managed to find just tossed out in the middle of nowhere… sure is noisy, though," he teases, making sure to use the soldier’s hair bun as a nice arm rest.

*makes a face at Mako*

*rolls over on Nyla*



In truth, it wasn’t just Mako he was irritable about- it was everyone. It was the fact that he was still suspended, and that Lin was still in the hospital and this Agni be damned investigation into his actions was still ongoing, and Viper was sitting behind bars temporarily, pending the results of the IAB investigation, which meant…

If it didn’t go in his favor, the bastard would get out. 

And they’d be back at the start, perhaps even worse off. With Lin injured and him suspended- shit. 

So running into Mako, quite literally in this case, was just icing on the cake.He’d come into Headquarters for yet another questioning, as if his answers would change and they’d be able to prove that it had been anything more than an emotional outburst.

 The corners of his mouth curled into a vicious snarl, and he had to force himself not to growl at the rookie. ” I’m fine, kid. Just watch where you’re fucking going.” 

Blame it on the lack of sleep (since he’d been worrying about Bolin), the fact that the rent was due that week, or possibly that Shin was being slippery and vague as always, but Mako pivoted sharply on his heel before he could get his tea steeped and glared heatedly at Saikhan.

EXCUSE ME?” he barked icily, though with a certain nagging overtone, harping at the elder man and placing a hand on his hip as though he were the earthbending Captain’s mother-in-law from hell.

The hallway near them went silent, even the desk jockeys in the adjacent room seemed to pause at their typewriters and craned their heads to see what the commotion was.

Mako quite nearly added a ‘young man’ to the end of his sentence out of reflex (there was a strict no swearing rule under he and Bolin’s roof- unless Mako was alone, then he was free to cuss until he turned blue), but running on as little steam as he was, he clearly wasn’t thinking straight.

"Come on, I didn’t hear you the first time you bit my damn head off. Say it again," he stupidly goaded his superior, despite the fact that if Saikhan were ever reinstated to his position, he’d be regretting this decision very badly.

The Smart Choice [@SaikhantheLoyal]

[[Note: Set after this drabble, RP Canon wise.]]

The run down hutongs on the outskirts of Donwtown Mako and Bolin called their home certainly wasted quiet not easy living. The old, traditional style buildings were packed close together, making it nearly impossible to go about one’s life without being knee deep in each other’s business. An argument, simple dinner time conversation, and the blare of small radios sets all mixed together to form the thrums of life  that connected them all as low income, working class survivors.

Mako was in the middle of washing and hanging laundry in his corner of the small courtyard, dutifully scrubbing some of Bolin’s shirts and underclothes, before dousing them in the soapy water basin at his feet. The small stool he was perched upon creaking every time he shifted his weight, while Pabu nimbly scaled the tree branches of a wilted, sad-looking willow not a stone’s throw away.

It wasn’t much, but at least they were out from under Butakha’s thumb. And seeing how he and Shin had managed to avoid suspicion when his crippled, but breathing body was discovered by the local authorities, well… Mako had reason to rest a little easier these days knowing the fat bastard was currently lying in a hospital bed hooked up to tubes.

Captain Saikhan was also suspended for an unknown altercation (he didn’t listen to office gossip much and opted to stay ignorant of the story), so having one less person breathing down his neck about his past connections to the Probending mogul meant less stress and paranoia on his plate.

Bolin was currently out for the evening, not having bothered to call or even let his elder brother when he’d be back. Mako had expected his little brother to seek more freedom and become more independent as they aged, but that didn’t mean he was enjoying staying at home and fretting about his xiong di's well being during times like these. They were supposed to have enjoyed a hot pot dinner tonight out on the patio, like old times, but apparently something 'more important' had come up. What could possibly be more important than him, was what Mako wanted to know…

Frustrated, he focused all that anger on wringing the water from the shirt he’d just rinsed clean, snapping the fabric out a few times before hanging in on the line to air dry.

It’s Hard Work


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Downtown was decidedly Triple Threat territory and the Market District fell under that vague umbrella, along with Mako’s turf around Central City Station. While he certainly had more weight and presence at the train and trolley docking center, the other street kids didn’t always respect the pint-sized firebender’s title as Triad associate. It wasn’t anything nearly as bad as real street-level skirmishes between the homeless orphans, though naturally, some fights did occur.

The comforting weight of his switchblade came with responsibility, so Mako wasn’t about to whip out a weapon on someone unless he intended to use it. Still, the presence of an unfamiliar boy about his age milling around the back alleys he knew like the back of his hand came as an entirely unwelcome surprise.

He followed the stranger for awhile just to keep tabs on him, noticing that he wasn’t spanging for yuans on the corners of the market stalls. The intense gaze the other boy gave the various trinkets wasn’t anything to raise eyebrows, though the clothing he wore certainly stuck out a fair bit. Usually visitors or fresh immigrants to the city wore the same traditional garb as the simple wrap pants and folded jacket the brown haired youngster sported, and the way he surveyed the various goods on display did strike him as rather… touristy behavior.

Might as well give him the rundown of how things worked around here.

"Hey, kid," Mako quipped, stepping out from behind his stalking spot- a wall of woven baskets and carved wooden cages containing several chipper sounding songbirds. "Let me just warn you, yer gonna get yer purse snatched in a heartbeat if you stand around gawkin’ like that."

With both hands shoved deep in the pockets of his shabby knee-length trousers, the firebender sauntered towards the other boy with a lazy gait similar to that his elder partner’s. He hadn’t been consciously emulating Shin personal behaviors and clipped use of street slang, but to anyone who was familiar with them both, they might have viewed Mako’s subconscious idolatry as laugh worthy

"You look new to Republic City, so I’ll let you in on how stuff works around here. Things moves fast- People hustle, exchange dough, and talk fast. If you can’t keep up, then yer easy pickings from the other gangs pokin’ their noses ‘round here, like the Monsoons and the Kais. You don’t want that."

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UVERworld | "CORE PRIDE (TV edit)"

If I try to suppress my heart, which is burning hot about things that are unobtainable or constrained
How am I different from those adults, whom I have come to despise and will never forgive 
For their constant attempt to pin me down blindly without even understanding why?

No matter what I do, it’ll probably forever remain a pipe dream that will never come true
But the fire burning in my heart cannot be doused by anyone
Even if the black rain falling from the sky drenches me completely and doesn’t stop
I will never allow the fire in my heart to be extinguished. That, is my ”pride”

No matter what I do, when I’m alone at night, I become even unable to understand myself
When you’re with me, and we try to understand each other, then I’ll be able to become stronger

I don’t care how things turn out
I don’t care if I’ll look uncool, 
I will desperately try to change my future
Even If I’m told that my destiny is immutable no matter what I do, 
I, myself, can still change
I will prove to you that I can change myself.

Don’t perish yet, the fire in my heart
I don’t want to forget yet, the heat in my chest
Don’t perish yet, the fire in my heart
I can still keep going, so here I go!




*huffs angrily about Mako* 

[[Huff the Angry Badgermole~]]

Mako stormed past several on duty officers, making a beeline to the break room to refill his tea mug. Whenever he became agitated like this, his co-workers chalked it up to stress and the usual ‘Rookie can’t handle the workload’ scoffing behind his back. Normally, the gossip would further rile the young firebender, but he had his own problems at the forefront of his mind. Namely, a gaudily dressed former waterbender by the name of Shady Shin…

Unable to notice Saikhan’s frustration whilst in a cloud of his own problems, he thoughtlessly bumped shoulders with his superior officer and nary made a bow of apology. An animalistic and terse grunt left his lips and he narrowed his eyes in annoyance, until Saikhan’s stony expression cut through the mire of his preoccupied mind.

"Captain, I…  Apologies. You need some tea?" he asked to be polite, despite the fact that he hated being delegated ‘tea boy’ within the precinct. While he realized he needed to work his way up from the bottom, he’d assumed his current track record of apprehending some of the old ‘friends’ he ran with in his childhood might count for something more than being assigned a boring desk job and running pithy errands.